[Winpcap-users] Change to pcap_dump_open

Clemens Gruber clemens.gruber at pqgruber.com
Tue Feb 12 05:47:40 PST 2013


could you please make the following change to the implementation of
pcap_dump_open, because at the moment it is opened with fopen, thus not
enabling other users to access the file at the same time. My suggestion
is to change Line 1719 as follows.
From: "f = fopen(fname, "wb");"
To: "f = _fsopen(fname, "wb", _SH_DENYWR);"

See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa246901(v=vs.60).aspx
This allows other processes to access the file for reading. Writing is
of course still denied.
The function is defined in <share.h> and available in all Windows
versions since Win 95 and WinNT.

(If pcap_dump_fopen had worked, I would have opened the handle myself
with fsopen before giving it to WinPcap, but pcap_dump_fopen is not
exported by the library.)

Besides this suggestion, I also have a question: What are the problems
with the pcap_live_dump function?
I read on the archives that there were misbehavings, but I did not find
many details yet. Could someone please elaborate on that. Also, would be
nice if you could create a Github repository for the community. There we
could simplify the process of sending in patches via pull requests and
the issue tracker.

Thank you.


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