[Winpcap-users] Installer Error

Lee Fisher blibbet at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 13:36:12 PST 2013

 > I downloaded wireshark for class, and when it went to download winpcap it
 > told me I had a older version on my computer. I never downloaded it 
 > so I know I don't have it unless it downloaded with another program I
 > installed a long time ago. I want to know how I can delete the older
 > version so I can install the new version of Winpcap.

If the CACE installer isn't working, or Microsoft-supplied tools don't 
help locate the driver, maybe OSR's DriverTree might help find it.

Process Explorer and Process Hacker also might help show the process 
that is using it. If not obvious there, try an IRP-based tool, like 
Process Monitor or IRP Tracker or FileSpy, to search for who is opening 
the WinPCap device.

Unlocatable strangely-installed sofware sounds to me like malware. If 
you don't know what is on your box, reformat and reinstall Windows, and 
pay attention next time. :-)

Please speak up if/when you find the software that is installing this 
driver in a nonstandard way. Someone asked a similar question a few 
months ago.



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