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I've been thinking about it, but it's a major effort (read it as "rewrite a good chunk of the kernel capture driver"). WHQL certification has not that important so far (we don't certify the driver, we just sign it), we install the driver in such a way that doesn't require WHQL certification.

Regarding XP, there is still a big community using it in corporate and non-corporate environments, so dropping support for it is definitely not an option. 

The advantages of migrating to NDIS6 would be
- probably better performance (but it's not guaranteed) and in general avoiding to go thru the thunking layer between NDIS5 (what we currently use) and NDIS6
- support for RT (although I'm not sure if just supporting NDIS6 would be enough)
- cleanup of the driver sources

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> There will be, most probably by mid/end February.
> GV

Do you have plans to make a NDIS 6 version?

According to the following link, NDIS 6 offers different possibilities for performance optimization and other features. NDIS 6 is required in order to obtain a WHQL certification.

According to this link, NDIS 6 is required if you want the driver to run on Windows RT:

AFAIK the NDIS 6 driver won't run on Windows XP. But Windows XP will stop receiving security updates in 2013, so the old NDIS 5 driver will not have to be maintained for a long time.

Chris Troester
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