[Winpcap-users] winpcap alternatives

Blibbet blibbet at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 19:12:17 UTC 2014

As mentioned below, ask on the osronline.com's ntdev forum. Thomas and 
the other NDIS experts hang out there. I don't have any current 
experience with Rawether.

 > I have already considered your last option pcausa/rawether but the owner
> wrote me that it is not suitable for my need.
> Do you think I would have same issues using NetMon? Here are the reasons of
> Mr Divine, owner of PCASA:
> "Rawether is based on a NDIS protocol driver. A NDIS protocol driver is a
> peer to the host OS TCP/IP protocol driver. All incoming packets ALWAYS are
> indicates to all peer NDIS protocol drivers. This is not good for the
> implementation that you have in mind. In a product such as I think you have
> in mind you want to be able to handle some packets privately without the
> host OS seeing them. You would manipulate these "private" packets is some
> way and reinject them into the network flow. You can't do this sort of
> manipulation with a NDIS protocol driver."
> Thank you anyway for your time
>> 2) For third party libraries, check out:
>> http://www.pcausa.com
>> or
>> http://www.rawether.net/
>> The OSRonline.com's ntdev mailing list is where the main NT consultants
>> hang out, and talk about NDIS perf issues with libs like this, among other
>> things. Search their archives for opinions one these two libs.

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