[Winpcap-users] strange filtering issue

Guy Harris guy at alum.mit.edu
Mon May 5 21:07:33 UTC 2014

On May 5, 2014, at 12:38 PM, Jerry Riedel <riedel at codylabs.com> wrote:

> !host and !host and !port 161 or vlan and !host and !host and !port 161 - this string excludes both hosts and port 161 from packets with and without the vlan tag.

> Beyond confirming that using parentheses had an undesirable effect on the filter logic I did not do further testing to sort that one out.

Yes, that's the issue.

> Based on my testing, it does seem that this is a case where the Windows port differs from the *nix implementation of tcpdump.

What testing have you don on *nix?  (Note that the the compiling a filter expression into BPF code is done in libpcap/WinPcap, not tcpdump, and the interpretation of the BPF code to do filtering is done either in built-in kernel code in *nix and WinPcap driver code on Windows or in libpcap/WinPcap if the kernel-mode code can't do it for some reason, so it's not a tcpdump issue.)

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