[Winpcap-users] problems running compiled winpcap program for win x64

Fortunato Cuizon fortunatocuizon at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 08:37:29 UTC 2014


I am trying to compile my program for win x64 with winpcap. although it
compiles ok, it always stops on pcap_open function, "the memory referenced
at x...etc." and also generates a warning, "pointer to int cast...etc."
(something like that) as i suspect because pointers in x64 is 64 bits wide,
i really wanted to really compile my program to x64...can winpcap be really
compiled to x64 or am i missing some steps? (btw, i linked to the x64
winpcap.lib in the devel pack)

my development machine
8gb ram, win 7 x64, using orwell dev c++ tdm gcc 4.8.1 x64/mingw x64 4.9.0

the same program runs fine on 32bit compile, using 32bit library, but
compiling the same using x64, -m64, using the x64 libs doesn't work...
also windump in win 7 x64 works (i suspect its just using the 32bit library
thats why it works just like my 32bit app works)

hope someone can help
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