[Winpcap-users] Confusion: How can we identify where the packet is lost?

范廷东 fan.tingdong at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 11:59:43 UTC 2014

Dear all,
 I am writing a software program(with support from winpcap) which tests if a device could send packets continously to my laptop without loss of packets. 
 The sending part send packets with four bits for counter , and the receiving part check if there is incontinuity of the counts, as shown in the picture below.  Winpcap driver was working in PACKET_MODE_CAPT mode(mode=PACKET_MODE_CAPT). The Receing part found there were lost of packets when I was testing the software. 
 Then I got a confusion: Where were the packets lost? The receiving part(my laptop) did not receive the packets successfully, or the sending part failed sending the packets?
 Hopefully anyone could provide any hits.  Thank you all in advance.
 Best regards,
 Fan Tingdong
 User and Fans of Winpcap
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