_INTERNAL_REQUEST Struct Reference
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Stores an OID request. More...

#include <Packet.h>

Data Fields

LIST_ENTRY ListElement
 Used to handle lists of requests.
NDIS_EVENT InternalRequestCompletedEvent
 The structure with the actual request, that will be passed to NdisRequest().
NDIS_STATUS RequestStatus

Detailed Description

Stores an OID request.

This structure is used by the driver to perform OID query or set operations on the underlying NIC driver. The OID operations be performed usually only by network drivers, but NPF exports this mechanism to user-level applications through an IOCTL interface. The driver uses this structure to wrap a NDIS_REQUEST structure. This allows to handle correctly the callback structure of NdisRequest(), handling multiple requests and maintaining information about the IRPs to complete.

Definition at line 282 of file Packet.h.

Field Documentation

LIST_ENTRY ListElement

Used to handle lists of requests.

Definition at line 283 of file Packet.h.

NDIS_EVENT InternalRequestCompletedEvent

Definition at line 286 of file Packet.h.


The structure with the actual request, that will be passed to NdisRequest().

Definition at line 287 of file Packet.h.

NDIS_STATUS RequestStatus

Definition at line 288 of file Packet.h.

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