[pcap-ng-format] SVN access to NTAR and pcap-ng specification

Gianluca Varenni Gianluca.Varenni at riverbed.com
Tue Jul 17 23:45:46 PDT 2012


as promised we now have SVN access to both NTAR and the pcap-ng specification.

For authenticated read/write access, it's


Send me an email if you want to get an account with read/write access.

For anonymous read-only access, the two SVN repositories are


and they are synchronized with the master ones every 3 minutes.

The pcap-ng repository contains the various versions of the spec I posted on the winpcap.org/ntar website over the years, as different SVN revisions.

As of now, the page http://www.winpcap.org/ntar/draft/PCAP-DumpFileFormat.html is not automatically updated when you commit on SVN (as it's generated as a XSLT transformation from the original XML file of the spec).

Have a nice day

PS: BIG thanks to Gerald for setting this up!

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