[pcap-ng-format] Request: IDB:if_filter: add support for the "Wireshark Display Filter"

Jasper Bongertz jasper.bongertz at flane.de
Fri Jun 29 09:22:59 PDT 2012

Hello Jose,

thanks for your suggestion.

> Summary:
> Register a new filter type for the Wireshark's Display filter [1].

> More info:
> This would allow to store the display filter in contexts where
> they are used as (offline) capture filters.

> The content of the display filter would be a string (similar
> to the libpcap filter contents).

I get the idea, but I'm not sure that the IDB is a good place to keep
the filter setting. The IDB is used to store details about the capture
interface, and in my opinion a display filter has no relation to an
interface. Especially if you have multiple interfaces in a trace and
you read it with a display filter working as a "read filter" it would
apply to all interfaces I think.

Maybe a filter like this could be stored in a more global part of the
file  structure,  but  I'm not sure the SHB is a good place either. It
could be stored as a comment though.

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