[Winpcap-users] Installation Questions

John Graham jgraham at gci.com
Thu Aug 11 18:20:02 GMT 2005

Thank you for your reply.  

I looked at changelog.htm and figured that the installation program was
looking for updates. NIS was probably blocking that, which is why the
progress counter was stuck on 0%. I am surprised that NIS didn't prompt
for permission for this access (but that's not your problem!)

However, I recommend that the installer program (if possible) ask
whether the user wants to check for a later version. That would at least
warn the user that the program is going to perform some web accesses and
I have not tested the installer on a machine that was not connected to
the internet.

John Graham

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John Graham wrote:

> Running Windows XP SP2 + Norton Internet Security 2005.
> During installation of  winpcap 3.1, a NIS screen popped up asking 
> permissions for the installer to access a DNS server on the internet.
> gave it permission.
> The installation then hung with the installation progress screen at
> I tried to cancel the installation by stopping the process in task 
> manager but it would not stop. The only way to abort this installation

> was to reboot the computer.
> After several tries to install the program (with the same results), I 
> backed out and installed winpcap 3.1beta4 that came with Ethereal.
> worked.
> I then removed the beta version.
> I stopped NIS and then tried to install winpcap3.1.   This time I was 
> successful.
> Why is this installation program accessing the internet and why isn't 
> this documented anywhere???

For both the questions: http://www.winpcap.org/misc/changelog.htm

Are you available to help us debugging the problem?


>  Respectfully,
> John Graham
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