[Winpcap-users] Ethernet Calculators

Suporte Netcount netcount at netcabo.pt
Wed Aug 24 09:27:51 GMT 2005

Good work and simple to use.

- You could add a note that frame rates are truncated integers. As e.g. 64B 
at 100M gives average 148809.52 fps, etc.
- If possible, add support for VLAN tagged frames up to 1522B at least ( ok, 
it's not 802.3, but useful )

Pedro Lucas
Team Netcount

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>I added to the WinPcap website a page with some simple javascript applets 
>that automate recurrent bandwidth and frame rate conversions for Ethernet 
>networks. Developers of network tools may find them useful.
> The address is:
>  http://www.winpcap.org/misc/calculators.htm.
> Loris

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