[Winpcap-users] Ethernet Calculators

Hadriel Kaplan HKaplan at acmepacket.com
Fri Aug 26 19:56:43 GMT 2005

FYI: VLAN tagged frames of 1522 Bytes is legal per 802.3.  As of 802.3ac
spec back in 1998, which changed the base 802.3 spec to allow untagged
frames of up to 1518 bytes plus an additional 4 bytes for the 802.1Q tag,
for a total of 1522 bytes.  But untagged frames (no VLAN header) cannot be
bigger than 1518.

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Good work and simple to use.

- You could add a note that frame rates are truncated integers. As e.g. 64B 
at 100M gives average 148809.52 fps, etc.
- If possible, add support for VLAN tagged frames up to 1522B at least ( ok,

it's not 802.3, but useful )

Pedro Lucas
Team Netcount

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>I added to the WinPcap website a page with some simple javascript applets 
>that automate recurrent bandwidth and frame rate conversions for Ethernet 
>networks. Developers of network tools may find them useful.
> The address is:
>  http://www.winpcap.org/misc/calculators.htm.
> Loris
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