[Winpcap-users] [Patch] Support of SS7 capture board from Utel

Jacques, Olivier (OCBU-Test Infra) olivier.jacques at hp.com
Mon Dec 5 17:37:14 GMT 2005

Hello again,

I'm re-sending this as the message was screwed (but not the attachment!)



Hello winpcap users,
as indicated in this message that was posted on Ethereal's mailing list:
here is a patch for winpcap/libcap to add the support of UTEL's SS7 
capture board.

The patch is provided using Linux's "diff" format, against winpcap 3.1. 
It can be safely applied using Linux's "patch" command (I do it using

I can also provide the complete 3.1 source tree on request, but I didn't

want to spam the list, and the diff format is better to control what
Thanks to have a look at this patch and provide comments whether it can 
be included in winpcap.
Best regards,
Olivier Jacques

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