[Winpcap-users] GetAdaptersInfo, a little bit off-topic

Loris Degioanni loris.degioanni at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 17:38:31 GMT 2005

WinPcap uses two methods to get adapters information:

- regstry scanning: this was the original method, because the WinPcap 
project started before the IP Helper API appeared.
The location of the registry keys is very different in the OS families, 
and the 9x WinPcap registry scanning code is a lot less reliable that 
the NTx one. However, you can find everything in the packet.dll sources.
- IP Helper API. I think we use this only in WinNTx, and only if the 
registry method fails. This is maybe the reason why we never experienced 
the problem you're talking about.

I'm not aware of any other methods to get this kind of info.
Hope this helps,


Michal Szostakiewicz wrote:
> Hey guys,
> This is a little bit off-topic, but I think some of you may know the 
> answer and I hope you won't kill me.
> I've got a problem using GetAdaptersInfo from IPHelper. Sometimes it 
> gives info that is different from that given by "ipconfig" [usually on 
> Windows98].
> Is there any other way to get IP adress and DHCP server? [other than 
> parsing ipconfig's output]
> BTW, I need this data to determine if I'm connected with Internet or not 
> [ie. to check if DHCP server is not].
> greetz,
> creed
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