[Winpcap-users] GetAdaptersInfo, a little bit off-topic

Michal Szostakiewicz creed at tls.pl
Wed Dec 7 12:17:34 GMT 2005

On Tue, 6 Dec 2005 ckkeo at 9online.fr wrote:

> Real quick then , just use "IP Helper API"
> // Fetch NIC information
> DWORD GetAdaptersInfo(
> PIP_ADAPTER_INFO pAdapterInfo,
> PULONG pOutBufLen
> );
> // Fetch for IP's address, default gateway, etc...
> DWORD GetInterfaceInfo(
> PULONG dwOutBufLen
> );

I'm afraid I didn't really understand the answer. As I explained - there 
is a problem with GetAdaptersInfo - sometimes it gives information which 
is not true [and Google says I'm not the only one experiencing it].

GetInterfaceInfo doesn't really give the information I need, does it? 
Maybe you meant GetIfTable? Is it reliable?


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