[Winpcap-users] Conflict between WinPcap and other WinXPdrivers?- hanging on boot

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WinPcap should not cause any problem on boot: although it installs a kernel driver, the driver is not started at boot time (it's started automatically when you start the first WinPcap based application).

If you are able to access the hard drive of the faulty machine (e.g. by booting the machine with the installation CD and then using the recovery console), just delete "c:\windows\system32\drivers\npf.sys, and see if there's another file called "c:\windows\system32\drivers\packet.sys". If it's a problem with winpcap, deleting npf.sys should solve the problem (but I'm pretty sure it's not...).

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  Thanks for your reply.  I appreciate any comments.  And I apologize for the lack of useful troubleshooting info.  He lives in a different city, so I can't watch what is actually occuring. 

  I have doubts that Symantec/Norton is the problem as I have both programs working with no problems.

  I have a deep feeling that this problem is not caused by WinPcap, but unfortunately, because this particular event took place immediately after the installation of WinPcap/WinDump, my friend believes believes that it is completely the fault of WinPCap.  Thus, I felt a bit obligated to at least find out if there was any possibility.... 

  It is very possible that this recent 'booting hang' is caused by another problem (I suspect flaky hardware.  One of the reasons that I suspect that is because I have previously tried to get him to use KNOPPIX, but he co! mplained then that it also resulted in some sort of 'hanging'.)...

  The reason that I had him install WinPcap in the first place was that he was/is 'conviced' that there is a neighbour of his who is 'attacking' his computer.  I had been trying to get him to do some packet capturing to at least see what type of traffic was on his network.

  Anyway, I much appreciate your time in reading and responding.


  Eric Hansen <nightskywriter at gmail.com> wrote:
    It's very unlikely (though still a possibility) that WinPCap is the problem.  If your friend has any live CD's (like Knoppix [Linux]), or if you can make him one, see if that'll boot past the point where the XP CD fails.  Other than that, he might have to reformat (d! on't quote me on this, because what your friend told you, doesn't sound all that clear [to me atleast]).

    This is to all the other members here...does any "Internet protection" programs (Anti-Virus, Spywayre scanner, etc...) cause these problems with WinPCap??

    On 12/5/05, Happy Dolphin <happydolfijn at yahoo.com> wrote: 

      I have installed WinPcap and WinDump and have experienced no problems.  However, I had suggested that a friend try it, and now he is having 'booting problems'.   I did a search of mailing lists and googled, but have seen no other posts/problems that describe the problem that he is having.

      Unfortunately, I don't have fr! om him an exact description of the problem that he is now experiencing.  He only told me:

      "None of the safe mode boots work. 
      The revert to last known good also does not work but is getting furthest since it shows a bit of windows start screen before switching to black ...
      XP-CD also does not get the machine past the hangup "

      So it appears that his machine boots to a stage then hangs.

      Is it at all possible that WinPcap is causing this?

      What specific question should I ask him to help troubleshoot the cause?

      I think that he does have one of the Symantec products, but I dont know which one, and I am not sure if he has fully uninstalled it.  

      Thanks for any help.


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