[Winpcap-users] libwpcap.a

Ouroborus ouroborus at softhome.net
Wed Dec 14 04:22:42 GMT 2005

>I downloaded WpdPack_3_1.zip from www.winpcap.org today. As far as I can
> tell, pcap_findalldevs_ex isn't in the included libraries.

F:\Xfer\WpdPack_3_1\dofus>gcc -O -I ../Include -o dcap.exe dcap.c -L 
../Lib -lwpcap -lwsock32

D:\DOCUME~1\OUROBO~1\LOCALS~1\Temp/ccm2caaa.o(.text+0xe2):dcap.c: undefined 
reference to `pcap_findalldevs_ex'

So far I've figured out that the GNUmakefile that builds the library isn't 
set up to build with the remote extensions. I'm guessing that this file is 
the same that's used to make the cygwin related precompiled libraries and 
that's why some of the functions aren't there.

Any idea what should be added to fix GNUmakefile?

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