[Winpcap-users] libwpcap.a

Ouroborus ouroborus at softhome.net
Wed Dec 14 21:24:19 GMT 2005

> Well, the main problem with the compilation under Cygnus is that this 
> environment is lacking some of the IPv6 new socket APIs (basically 
> getnameinfo(), for WinPcap), that are used by WinPcap with the remote 
> extensions. As far as I know, the only way to have (some of) the new IPv6 
> socket APIs under cygnus is using this patch
> http://win6.jp/Cygwin/
> which is not official, or providing a custom implementation of 
> getnameinfo() in the WinPcap sources (like we have for other functions 
> inside winpcap\wpcap\libpcap\Win32\Src).
> After that, you should be enough to modify the GNUMakefile to:
> - define "HAVE_REMOTE" and "WPCAP"
> - compile sockutils.c, pcap-remote.c, pcap-new.c
> If someone provide such patches, I would be more than happy to commit them 
> to the proper CVS source trees (either the WinPcap or the libpcap one).

Thank you, this very helpful. It looks like I should be able to build it 
myself. I need to update my compiler stuff first to be sure.

I'm trying to build this under MingW rather than Cygwin, just so you all 
know. The environment is similiar, just not exactly the same.

getnameinfo() (as well as most of the other required functions) is provided 
in libws2_32.a and not libwsock32.a (both are included in MingW's 

After fixing that, gcc complains about gia_strerror(). Turns out this was 
not available until recently, the reason for the above-mentioned update.

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