[Winpcap-users] REPOST: Winpcap and VMware - known problem - ??

Feeny, Michael (TD&DS, Applications Infrastructure Svcs.) michael_feeny at ml.com
Fri Dec 16 17:49:21 GMT 2005

(I sent this about an hour ago, but it seemed to get bounced due to an
attached screen shot, so I'm trying again.  <I'm new - be gentle :-)>



I ran Ethereal (0.10.13) on a machine ("the capture box"), to capture
traffic between it and another machine.  When I inspected the resultant
trace file, I saw that there were packets missing on the sender (capture
box) side.  In other words, the missing packets were not packets
expected to arrive from across the network, but were packets that the
capture box was to send!  That was something I had never seen before.
How could packets get lost before you even send them?


So I looked at the NIC on the capture box, and I saw that it was a:
"VMware virtual ethernet interface".


I talked with a colleague who knows much more about VMware than I, and
he informed me that VMware uses a "virtual" NIC that sits between the
virtual machine and the "real" NIC.


Bottom line:  I'm assuming at this point that the strange behavior I'm
seeing is due to this VMware virtual NIC and/or how WinPcap interacts
with it.


Can anyone confirm this, and/or provide suggestions or pointers for
working around it?



Ethereal 0.10.13 

WinPcap 3.1(packet.dll 3, 1, 0, 27) based on libpcap version 0.9[.x] on
Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, build 2195)



Michael Feeny

Merrill Lynch

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