[Winpcap-users] Winpcap 3.1 install problems under Windows XP SP2

Alan Tu tsk at as2.info
Sat Dec 17 17:18:21 GMT 2005

Thanks Gianluca! After the workaround you suggested the install was successful.


At 11:57 12/17/2005, you wrote:
>Hi Alan.
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>Subject: [Winpcap-users] Winpcap 3.1 install problems under Windows XP SP2
>>Hello, I tried to install Winpcap 3.1 using the NSIS installer. 
>>After I clicked the Install button and it ran for a while, the 
>>installer stopped responding. (The program said "not responding" in 
>>the title bar and in task manager, so I had to kill it. My capture 
>>application (namely, a Snort experiment) does work so it seems at 
>>least some or all of Winpcap is installed. My concern is two fold: 
>>1) the installation was partial and will make my networking stack unstable,
>>and 2) I can't remove Winpcap. When I try to run the installer 
>>again it says winpcap is already installed. Winpcap does not show 
>>up under add/remove programs in control panel.
>>Is there a way to force uninstall, or manually uninstall, or verify 
>>successful installation? I've searched the archives and haven't 
>>seen a similar question. Thanks.
>At the moment the current installer for WinPcap 3.1 does not allow 
>you to force the installation (the next version of the installer 
>will have this feature). At present, a workaround is to go to
>\windows\system32\ and delete packet.dll (one of WinPcap DLLs that 
>the user tests for previous installations).
>Have a nice day
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