[Winpcap-users] Future work on winpcap

Eric Leblond eleblond at inl.fr
Fri Jul 29 22:39:54 GMT 2005


I'm new to the list but the subject of the mail was so good for me I had
to reply.

On Fri, 2005-07-29 at 12:14 -0700, Loris Degioanni wrote:
> Sure, there's always work to be done work.
> I see many possible enhancements, and after the 3.1 release I plan to 
> make a list of all the possible ones, and maybe submit it to the mailing 
> list for priority sorting. The main areas I see are:
> - OS support (64-bit, Vista...)
> - Link layer support (wireless, loopback adapter)
> - remote capture improvement (and integration with libpcap)
> - security

I've got questions related to Q-7 of the FAQ :
      * Is it planned for 3.1 to add a better security model, like
        "admin" only access to winpcap ?
      * How much work does it involve to reach that goal ?

Eric Leblond <eleblond at inl.fr>

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