[Winpcap-users] pcap_freealldevs() causing program crash.

Eric Hansen nightskywriter at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 19:44:43 GMT 2005

Right. On the last part, that's why I was trying to avoid putting the
freealldevs() anywhere before my program closes.

On 11/16/05, Guy Harris <guy at alum.mit.edu> wrote:
> Eric Hansen wrote:
> > No, what I have so far is just all the information stored in arrays, and
> > I display that info. after calling freealldevs();
> So presumably the information stored in arrays is *copies* of the
> information pointed to by the data returned by pcap_findalldevs(),
> including *copies* of the strings, with the copies made before calling
> pcap_freealldevs(), right? (If you just copy the pointers, not what
> they point to, note that they no longer point to anything valid after
> pcap_freealldevs() is called - pcap_freealldevs() frees all the strings.)
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