[Winpcap-users] Using Packet.dll in an 'not-admin' session

Thomas O'Hare Tom at RedTile.Com
Sun Aug 6 00:08:27 GMT 2006


Permissions include "all" dirs and files that are used in the operation.
 IOW, System32, your home dir, your working did, your files, etc, must
all have the correct permissions.

BTW, since I believe C# is Win32, why are you not using WinPCap.Dll
instead with the list of exported functions?

Also, when you get it working, can you mention your experiences using
C#?  I am using C and C++ and I wonder which would really be better.  My
guess is C would be much more portable.  But I look forward to any
comments on this.

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Eduardo Escudero Sánchez wrote:
> Hi i have developed an application in C# which uses Packet.dll to capture
> and send packets using an adapter.
> The problem is that i want to use that application in a session without
> admin privileges.
> I have posted before a message on this topic and someone told me that the
> only thing i had to do was run a command sc config npf start= auto and
> that's all.
> But the thruth is that this is not enough. When i start running my project
> and PacketGetAdapterNames is called my program throws an exception telling
> me that i haven't enough permissions.
> Can someone tell me please how can i use Packet.dll API without admin
> privileges? thanks.
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