[Winpcap-users] Using Packet.dll in an 'not-admin' session

Eduardo Escudero Sánchez edu.kungfu at gmail.com
Sun Aug 6 06:41:54 GMT 2006

As Far as i know the PacketGetAdapterNames function looks inside the
registry all the entries concerning to network adapters in the system and
this action looks like one which needs privileges i think, and which has
nothing in common with the starting of the NPF driver.
OK the C code can't throw any exception to my C# code but the C++ code i'm
using does. I will explain myself: i don't use the Packet.dll library
directly pinvoking it from my C sharp code. What i have done is making an
auxiliar C++ dll to manage directly the Packet.dll API and export some easy
pinvokable functions to my Csharp code. So i use the packet.dll API through
an auxiliar C++ dll, which was more  easy for me than trying pinvoking
directly the API.
Im using Packet.dll because this API has some functions i need to retrieve
network adapter information, for example, the packetgetpacket function to
retrieve information about the number of frames received or the number of
frames received with collision, etc...
I think that this exception is being launched when the API tries to read the
registry in a not-privileged account.

2006/8/6, Thomas O'Hare <Tom at redtile.com>:
> FWIW...
> Permissions include "all" dirs and files that are used in the operation.
> IOW, System32, your home dir, your working did, your files, etc, must
> all have the correct permissions.
> BTW, since I believe C# is Win32, why are you not using WinPCap.Dll
> instead with the list of exported functions?
> Also, when you get it working, can you mention your experiences using
> C#?  I am using C and C++ and I wonder which would really be better.  My
> guess is C would be much more portable.  But I look forward to any
> comments on this.
> Thanks,
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> Eduardo Escudero Sánchez wrote:
> > Hi i have developed an application in C# which uses Packet.dll to
> capture
> > and send packets using an adapter.
> > The problem is that i want to use that application in a session without
> > admin privileges.
> > I have posted before a message on this topic and someone told me that
> the
> > only thing i had to do was run a command sc config npf start= auto and
> > that's all.
> > But the thruth is that this is not enough. When i start running my
> project
> > and PacketGetAdapterNames is called my program throws an exception
> telling
> > me that i haven't enough permissions.
> > Can someone tell me please how can i use Packet.dll API without admin
> > privileges? thanks.
> >
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