[Winpcap-users] Using Packet.dll in an 'not-admin' session

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Sat Aug 5 15:47:42 GMT 2006

Eduardo Escudero Sánchez wrote:
> What i have done is making an auxiliar C++ dll

With managed extensions support turned on or off?  Presumably on...

> and export some easy pinvokable functions to my Csharp code.

Er, or maybe managed extensions are off, if your C# code still uses

Well, either way, your C++ DLL is still calling into packet.dll,
correct?  And packet.dll is what's doing the registry stuff.  If that
registry stuff was failing because of permissions, then the code inside
packet.dll would just get a NULL handle back from the RegOpenKey API
with an error code, and it would return an error code to your C++ DLL
(maybe the same code, maybe not) -- but packet.dll CANNOT throw a .net
exception to your C# code.  And neither can your C++ DLL, if you don't
have managed extensions turned on.

Maybe you should post the full exception that you get, along with its
stack backtrace.  That will shed some light on exactly what's going
wrong, so we don't have to guess at what the problem might be.  If
you're calling this from a winforms program, then you can get this
information by hitting the "details" button on the default winforms
unhandled-exception dialog box, then copying the information out of there.

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