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Gianluca Varenni gianluca.varenni at cacetech.com
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WinPcap can be used within a C++ application without any problem, you don't need extern "C" or similar stuff. 

What is the exact linking error you are encountering?

Have a nice day
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  Hello Thomas,

  I think I'm trying to do something similar but with a standard library I (think) am statically linking.  I'm getting link errors about unresolved externals.  I am try to build the wpa_cli into a class. 

  I think my problem is about a class (cpp) file not understanding a lib build from straight "C" and thereby not finding a c style functions.

  Either I'm getting forgetful (very possible), or involved with .net too much too recently to remember (also possible) that I'm forgeting the way to link C-style functions into a cpp module and call those external functions. 

  What am I forgetting?? Or am I forgetting that it is impossible.  I thought I needed to declare the externals with something like __decl or with "C"    inside the cpp file???????

  thanks for any of your ideas, 


  On 8/3/06, Thomas O'Hare <Tom at redtile.com> wrote:
    Hello All!

    I am using Dev-C++ in C++ mode to try and create an entry point into my
    own DLL's based on the WinPCap Libraries.  I need to export several of
    my own functions to languages that do not inherently support C typed 

    I am looking for the cleanest, fasted way to create an entry point for
    my functions so I can use the DLL as a true library for the programming
    languages lacking native structure support.

    I can open DLL's in these languages and call functions, but especially
    "chained" (Next) structures are very very tricky to work with in any
    language that does not have native support for C typed structures. 

    Any docs, resources, suggestions, etc, are welcome.

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