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George S. Lockwood gslockwood at gmail.com
Sat Aug 5 18:28:52 GMT 2006

Hello Thomas,

I think I'm trying to do something similar but with a standard library I
(think) am statically linking.  I'm getting link errors about unresolved
externals.  I am try to build the wpa_cli into a class.

I think my problem is about a class (cpp) file not understanding a lib build
from straight "C" and thereby not finding a c style functions.

Either I'm getting forgetful (very possible), or involved with .net too much
too recently to remember (also possible) that I'm forgeting the way to link
C-style functions into a cpp module and call those external functions.

What am I forgetting?? Or am I forgetting that it is impossible.  I thought
I needed to declare the externals with something like __decl or with "C"
inside the cpp file???????

thanks for any of your ideas,


On 8/3/06, Thomas O'Hare <Tom at redtile.com> wrote:
> Hello All!
> I am using Dev-C++ in C++ mode to try and create an entry point into my
> own DLL's based on the WinPCap Libraries.  I need to export several of
> my own functions to languages that do not inherently support C typed
> structures.
> I am looking for the cleanest, fasted way to create an entry point for
> my functions so I can use the DLL as a true library for the programming
> languages lacking native structure support.
> I can open DLL's in these languages and call functions, but especially
> "chained" (Next) structures are very very tricky to work with in any
> language that does not have native support for C typed structures.
> Any docs, resources, suggestions, etc, are welcome.
> --
> Thanks,
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