[Winpcap-users] pcap_findalldevs Hangs when called in Windowsservice

Richard Bellengere RichardB at thoroughtec.com
Thu Aug 10 08:06:53 GMT 2006

Sorry - my sample app depends on way too much for me to quickly zip it
up and post it.
I'm using 3.1. I will try 4.0 and let you know what happens.
I'm using Visual C++ 2005 Express. I will try Visual Studio 2003 for
size too.
Some more information that may be of interest.  
My service is compiled as a console application. When running it (in
debug mode) as a console app and not a service, pcap_findalldevs is
successful only if run from the main thread. pcap_loop can be run from
the new thread no problem.  When I do the same thing in a windowed
application I can call pcap_findalldevs from the new thread without
It really smacks of a thread permissions issue. I've tried making sure
the apps and services are running as admin (because of npf and nm), but
that does not seem to help. Right now I'm trying to find out what the
difference is between a console thread and a Window thread.


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can you please provide a sample app showing the problem?
Which version of WinPcap are you using? WinPcap 3.1 has a known bug that
affects services based on WinPcap, bug that has been fixed in the newer
versions of WinPcap like 4.0alpha1.
Have a nice day

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	I'm getting exactly the same thing.  Did you ever get a solution
to this problem?
	It seems to have something to do with findalldevs being called
from a new thread and not the process's main thread.



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