[Winpcap-users] More Exporting Function Fun

Thomas O'Hare Tom at RedTile.Com
Fri Aug 18 12:55:17 GMT 2006

I sent the following to the Dev-C++ list.  If I am willing to admit a
great deal of stupidity, I might as well let everyone know...
I have "yet" to be able to export my own functions when trying to use
WinPCap SDK.

I am not sure this will be enough, but maybe if someone can write an
"Hello World" DLL using a UDF I can finally see the light?  I just want
to see it work from an external program:


If cBuffer return "Hello World" I will be a happy camper.

I know there is something severely stupid I am overlooking.  Now I just
must determine if it is my working environment or I have an option set

OK, laugh, but I just need to figure out what really stupid mistake I made.

In WinPCap it "seemed" that exported functions had to be in a LIB file
to work.  That is the only way I could get them to work in their samples.

I am not sure what I am asking for will relate to WinPCap or not, but if
someone has a few minutes...

>From what I see on both this list & the WinPCap list, exporting
functions seems to be a major topic.  So at least I can have some

I also appear to see a glimpse of maybe the key is that many use MS
Visual Studio, MS .Net, and of course Dev-C++.  IOW, so many
environments it is easy to create the wrong environment.

I guess the best way, "if" someone can do this for me, is to zip the
project and sent it to me off list.  That is unless anyone else really
wants to see it too.

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