[Winpcap-users] Compiling issues while building WinDump.exe

vimal raj vimal.raj at cranessoftware.com
Tue Jul 11 04:50:51 GMT 2006


Hi raghav,


I think the problem might me missing of some header files. Since you are
using VC++ its quite easy. Try this out, In options take directories tab and
u can point required header files here.


And for windump to run we must need winpcap. So just check that setting






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Hi all,
I installed WinCap and got my WinDump.exe running.
However I wanted to build WinDump.exe from source .
I extracted both WDumpSrc_3_9_3.zip and wpcapsrc_3_1.zip into same folder..
While building WinDump I run into lot of errors.
Few were about missing .h files which I had to point to in Wpcap source .
But others are related to lack of declaration type.
For instance 
ip6.h(88) : error C2079: 'ip6_src' uses undefined struct 'in6_addr' 
Running through entire source I see 'in6_addr'  defined in 'ip6_misc.h'
but I dont find this file included in ip6.h
I have attached the build log file. Am I missing out on anything here..
Can somebody please help,
Appreciate you help on this,

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