[Winpcap-users] Unwanted behaviour on frame sending

Eduardo Escudero Sánchez edu.kungfu at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 10:36:35 GMT 2006

I have an application which has to send MAC frames through the network card.
I use Packet.dll to send data through network adapter. I use really the
PacketSendPacket function
Suppose we are in the case i am about to explain:
i have an LLC frame which i have to encapsulate inside a MAC frame. The
length of the LLC frame is three bytes.
I build a MAC frame with 6 bytes of destination address, 6 bytes of source
address and 2 bytes of length /type on which i put the actual length of teh
frame which is 3 bytes. Then i put the threebytes of data and next i put 43
bytes of trailer.
When i send all this data using PacketSendPacket i found that ther remote
computer receibe a MAC frame where the length-type field has been changed to
a value of 0x002e (46 which is the length of the data plus the trailer i
put) But the case is that i want the real length of teh data stay in the
length type field of the frame because that is the value which is supposed
to be there. I dont know who is channging me the value of this field.
Will be a solution to send only a frame with the three data bytes of LLC
frame? But then is the trailer being to be put in the frame automatically or
there wont be any trailer field at all?
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