[Winpcap-users] Replacing packets

Guy Harris guy at alum.mit.edu
Thu Jul 27 07:59:56 GMT 2006

vlasto wrote:

> is it possible, using Winpcap, edit (replace) grabed packet and send 
> this new one instead of old one?

As noted, the answer is "no".

WinPcap is a *passive* tap that lets you capture packets; the packets 
you capture are still passed on to whatever networking code would 
normally handle the packet.

This is a feature, not a bug - the idea is that WinPcap should allow 
applications such as WinDump/Wireshark/etc. to capture traffic on your 
machine *WITHOUT* disturbing the network stack, so you can watch what's 
happening on your machine without *affecting* what's happening on your 

It might be useful to have a library (and driver, if necessary) for 
writing programs that do *NOT* passively tap network traffic, but insert 
themselves into the data flow to allow an application to modify incoming 
packets *before* the networking stack on the machine sees them, and to 
modify outgoing packets *before* they're transmitted on the network by 
the machine.  However, the UN*X version of that library would, in most 
if not all cases, *NOT* run atop the same mechanism that libpcap runs on 
top of (as those mechanisms are designed to be used for passive tapping, 
as that's a useful facility), but would run atop a different mechanism - 
and any Windows driver that the library would use would connect to the 
networking stack in a different way from the way in which the WinPcap 
driver does (for the same reason).

I don't know whether there's any such library/driver.

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