[Winpcap-users] Vista Wireless Architecture

Guy Harris guy at alum.mit.edu
Sat Jul 29 22:23:21 GMT 2006

Guy Harris wrote:

> That would be nice, but, when I first saw something about Native Wi-Fi, 
> I had the same hope, and looked at the stuff Microsoft had on it; it 
> wasn't encouraging, as it didn't appear to expose the Native Wi-Fi stuff 
> to anything that connects to NDIS (such as the WinPcap driver), and it 
> didn't seem to have any standard way of turning monitor mode on or off.
> I'll see what it was that I looked at

It was the "Native 802.11 Framework for IEEE 802.11 Networks" document 
linked to from


which speaks of a "Native 802.11 STA intermediate driver" that "acts as 
an IEEE 802.3 virtual miniport driver that handles IEEE 802.3-to-IEEE 
802.11 packet conversion and vice-versa"; that's what plugs into IP. 
I'm not sure, from those diagrams, where the WinPcap driver could 
connect to the Native 802.11 miniport driver without the Native 802.11 
STA intermediate driver getting in the way.

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