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> Guy Harris wrote:
>> That would be nice, but, when I first saw something about Native Wi-Fi, I 
>> had the same hope, and looked at the stuff Microsoft had on it; it wasn't 
>> encouraging, as it didn't appear to expose the Native Wi-Fi stuff to 
>> anything that connects to NDIS (such as the WinPcap driver), and it 
>> didn't seem to have any standard way of turning monitor mode on or off.
>> I'll see what it was that I looked at
> It was the "Native 802.11 Framework for IEEE 802.11 Networks" document 
> linked to from
> http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/device/network/802x/Native80211.mspx
> which speaks of a "Native 802.11 STA intermediate driver" that "acts as an 
> IEEE 802.3 virtual miniport driver that handles IEEE 802.3-to-IEEE 802.11 
> packet conversion and vice-versa"; that's what plugs into IP. I'm not 
> sure, from those diagrams, where the WinPcap driver could connect to the 
> Native 802.11 miniport driver without the Native 802.11 STA intermediate 
> driver getting in the way.

This is exactly what is not 100% clear to me. They have an IM driver to 
convert from 802.11 to fake 802.3, from the MSDN docs online it seems that 
you could possibly bind directly to a native wifi driver (i.e. below this 


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