R: [Winpcap-users] Administrator privileges in order to use winpcap?

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Fri Jun 9 21:50:31 GMT 2006

Nick Duda wrote:
> Just an option, but, we use Application Security 
> (www.desktopstandard.com) to elevate winpcap to run as an admin for
> non admins on execution of a program that uses it. It's been working
> great.

I still think that just doing an "sc config npf start= auto" (yes, I
think I misspoke earlier again; I now believe it should be auto, not
automatic) once, at install time, is easier.  (You only need to run a
winpcap program as an admin once per boot, not all the time.  The only
thing that requires admin privileges is starting the driver(s).)

Then you don't have to worry about programs running with too many
privileges ever (and *perhaps* being vulnerable to buffer overflows,
which would give admin access to the machine if exploited), and you also
don't have to worry about one more program/driver/whatever that might
break.  The fewer required components, the better.

Not saying that product is useless in general, but in this case, it
seems to be slightly pointless when you can work around the requirement
with one command that runs once.

Unless the process that's using winpcap is also doing other things that
require admin privileges, that is?
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