R: [Winpcap-users] Administrator privileges in order to usewinpcap?

Nick Duda nduda at VistaPrint.com
Fri Jun 9 17:32:03 GMT 2006

Just an option, but, we use Application Security
(www.desktopstandard.com) to elevate winpcap to run as an admin for non
admins on execution of a program that uses it. It's been working great.
We have an entire office (300+ users) all in a 100% LUA environment.

Cisco's VoIP Silent Monitoring uses winpcap.

- Nick

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On Fri, Jun 09, 2006 at 02:22:28PM +0200, Davide Schiera wrote:
> you can also try to run from a prompt the command "net start npf"
> (or launch a script that execute this command).

But that will only start the driver/service for the current boot.  It
won't set it to start automatically.  (Also, you need to be a local
administrator to run this, so it doesn't really fix the problem.)

The way to set the startup mode is with sc.exe, as in my last email.
Or, use device manager.

(Actually, thinking a bit more, I found a bug in my sc command lines.
They should be "sc config <service> start= automatic", not boot.  Boot
is way too early.)

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