[Winpcap-users] Does WinPcap support capturing wireless frames - with NETGEAR WAB501 wireless adapter or Wireless PC card WAG511 v2

vimal raj vimal.raj at cranessoftware.com
Fri Jun 23 10:59:56 GMT 2006



Hi all,


            I want to develop an application which should capture all raw
data packets going through the wireless adapter.


My card specifications are


1.	NETGEAR wireless adapter WAB501 

802.11 a/b 
32 bit card bus model

2.	NETGEAR Wireless PC card WAG511 v2

Dual band wireless PC card
32 bit card bus model


Have any body in our group did experiments with these cards. 

Please reply me. And give me advice whether I can adopt some technique other
than WinPcap to retrieve data 

(without writing a miniport driver and intermediate driver. I am not a
device driver programmer.)





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