[Winpcap-users] Can I examine and stop outgoing packets?

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Subject: [Winpcap-users] Can I examine and stop outgoing packets?

>I just started using winpcap with the sample code and
> all I see is reading the packets. Is there a way to
> grab the packets before they leave the adapter and
> stop them from being sent out (after reading them and
> determining I don't want them to leave the computer)?

No, WinPcap uses a protocol driver, so it's basically a passive component in 
the networking stack. Please refer to


> If it's not possible with winpcap, what would I need
> to program something like that?

You need to develop an NDIS intermediate driver or something similar to 
filter the packets (I know that Vista will have some enhanced support for 
this). I don't know if there are any libraries on the market that allow you 
to easily develop such components.

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