[Winpcap-users] how can I compile static libs for using pcap in my project?

Bryan Kadzban bryan at kadzban.is-a-geek.net
Tue Nov 7 01:46:44 GMT 2006

Annie W. wrote:
> There have to be a way to compile static libs from the current 
> version of winpcap.

There is a way to make packet.dll and wpcap.dll static: rebuild them as
such.  You just sacrifice the ability to *do* anything, since all the
stuff in wpcap.dll requires packet.dll, and all the stuff in packet.dll
requires the kernel driver.  And the kernel driver won't exist without
the full winpcap installation.

This is the Really Important part of Gianluca's response:

> It includes (among other things) a kernel driver that cannot be 
> transformed to a static library.

There is *no* *way* on Windows to make a kernel driver part of a static
library.  (Or a DLL, for that matter.)  If the kernel driver is
required, then it's hard to get anything done without it.

(This makes me wonder how winpcap-pro even works, but that's not all
that important here either.)
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