[Winpcap-users] low performance in communications

Egas António Silva Pacheco Gomes Fino egas.fino at empordef-ti.pt
Wed Nov 22 14:44:47 GMT 2006

Hi all,


I'm currently using winpcap version 3.1 to receive and send messages to an old flight simulator, which is an old ENCORE with some kind of strange OS.

For that I'm using a machine with winxp OS which only has the task of receiving a packet of data from that simulator and send back an answer.

Anytime I receive a frame from the simulator I have to send a response before 5 msecs have elapsed since.


By some behaviors of the simulator I believe that this is not happening (my packets are not arriving to the simulator before 5 msec have elapsed).


The link between Ethernet card of the ENCORE and my computer is made through an AUI cable - an AUI to RJ45 transceiver - RJ45 cable.


Does anyone ever have felt this kind of behavior (low performance in communications)? Can this be result of having different OS systems?


Thank you for your answers,

Egas Fino



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