[Winpcap-users] winpcap device list "emtpy"

Michael Marschalkowski grinch at itg-em.de
Tue Nov 28 08:53:31 GMT 2006

this is my first post on this mailinglist and I guess/hope it's only a
little problem to solve.
I've written a little program that monitors a Windows 2003 EE SP1 (traffic
accounting). The server has 2 real network cards and 1 TAP device (OpenVPN).
But since Nov 24 it does not list those devices (retrieved by
pcap_findalldevs). The only device listed is the "generic dialup adapter"
(winpcap 3.1) or "Adapter for generic dialup and VPN capture" (4.0b2).
WinDump -D also only lists this device, so I think this is not a problem
with my program but something is wrong with winpcap.
I'm not Adminstrator of this machine (but I do have Administrator rights, so
that's not the problem :)), so I can't really tell what was done. The person
responsible for this server only told me, that he did some (all?) updates
and since then the program refused to start. He gave me a little list with
the installed updates, maybe that is useful to you:
Before those updates winpcap worked fine and listed all devices.
What I've done for now is reinstalling WinPcap 3.1 and installing WinPcap
4.0b2. The network cards are running and IPs are configured (I'm accessing
the server via RDP).
Any ideas? What went wrong or better, how do I fix it ;)
If you need more information, let me know.
best regards

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