[Winpcap-users] Covert Installation

Steighton_Haley at McAfee.com Steighton_Haley at McAfee.com
Tue Jan 23 18:51:23 GMT 2007


	I've seen WinPcap installed without the GUI previously, however
I no longer have access to that process. So, I know it is (or at least
was) possible. 
	Also, I want the flexibility of the standard driver and dll.
It's hard enough getting implants to work correctly. Adding a licencing
requirement and dealing with a 3rd party adds extra complexity that I'd
like to avoid. 
	Thanks for the suggestion of your product though.  

I think you may have missed the point.
The authors of WinPcap have removed the silent install functionality
from the open source version of WinPcap.  The only *easy* way to get the
functionality you require is to purchase the WinPcap pro from CACE. 
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