[Winpcap-users] Windows Installer package info?

Alan Strader als10 at platinumnibbles.net
Mon Jun 25 18:47:48 GMT 2007

	Here is my issue.  Any software installed on a workstation here must go
through our certification process.  For an application to be
'certified', it must be able t be installed via the windows installer
server with only the basic user interface (a progress bar and cancel
button).  Since the application and Winpcap installations are not
windows installer packages, our certification group has created a "snap
shot" install package.  The original application install contains and
run the Winpcap 3.1 installer.
	What is happening is that the New installer package works on our base
OS image.  But, from what I can tell, if any other app adds either a new
network driver (i.e. our VPN client) then the machine looses it existing
network interfaces and they can not be redefined.
	So, what I am looking for is information on how the existing installer
works or how / where I can get a windows installer packaged version)  
	From speaking with the app vender, I should be able to use either 3.1
or 4.0.

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