[Winpcap-users] Installation question

Gianluca Varenni gianluca.varenni at cacetech.com
Thu Jun 28 15:39:28 GMT 2007


I'm not familiar with the  Jetico Personal Firewall, so my answer is based 
on how I think this firewall software works. Most of these personal 
firewalls use an NDIS intermediate driver (NDIS IM driver) to filter 
packets. These filters sit between your network card driver and the protocol 
drivers like tcp/ip, the WinPcap capture driver (npf) and netmon (another 
protocol driver from Microsoft that we use to capture from dialup and vpn 

When a new protocol driver gets installed, several times the OS recomputes 
the bindings between network card drivers, IM drivers and protocol drivers, 
causing (in your case) the rebinding of the "Jetico Personal Firewall 
Network Monitor" on top of some the network card drivers and the usual 
"driver not signed" warning from XP. In practice, WinPcap is not directly 
responsible for the warning, and it's not actually a 
reinstallation/overwriting of the Jetico Personal Firewall drivers, it's a 
rebinding process taking place.

I hope this explains what happened during the WinPcap installation.

BTW, if you happen to install another network card on your machine, you will 
probably see the "unsigned driver" dialog popping up again, as part of the 
rebinding process.

Have a nice day

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> Hi at All.
> I use Jetico Personal Firewall (now it is release and as OS 
> Windows Xp sp2 Professional. Today I try to install WinPCap 4.0 and during 
> the installation process I have received two messages that warning me for 
> "Jetico Personal Firewall Network Monitor" unsigned drivers (Windows Xp 
> feature).
> I have cancel the installation of the two "Jetico" drivers.
> The installation process should be to recognize that Jetico it is already 
> installed and not overwrite my "Jetico Personal Firewall Network Monitor" 
> drivers!
> Ciao
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