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           I've currently run into a problem related to transmitting packets over a PPP connection. From what I've read about the capabilities of Winpcap, only receiving is supported for PPP
  connections.  Now I've downloaded the WinPcap source but I haven't looked into it. Is adding this functionality an easy fix that perhaps I can add myself? It so, where and how in the WinPcap source do I go about doing it.

PPP capture uses a completely different approach than normal adapters. We use the Microsoft Network Monitor (NetMon) component to capture from PPP, and such component does not support transmission. 

  On the other hand, if adding this functionality will be a long and difficult task, what other alternatives/fixes do I have to transmit my own custom crafted TCP packets over a PPP connection?

A protocol driver, similar to the WinPcap one but with some modifications specific to PPP, should do the trick (I'm not actually 100%). Consider that that managing PPP connections in a protocol driver is a bit tricky as all the connections are aggregated into a single adapter instance, and you need to take care of multiplexing/demultiplexing the packets.
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