[Winpcap-users] I use the winpcap 4.0 in vista has a terrible bug

Gianluca Varenni gianluca.varenni at cacetech.com
Tue Mar 13 01:46:14 GMT 2007

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  Dear Development Team:

  I think the npf.sys can not communicant to NDIS 6.0, so it will make some bug.

NDIS.sys should actually provide the necessary thunking to convert OID request operations from NDIS5.x to NDIS6.0. But it's possible that not all the OIDs are converted. In particular NDIS6 defines a whole new set of OIDs for 802.11.

I cannot find any whatsoever driver for the DWA-110 adapter on the D-link US-based web site. Can you provide me more details on the specific driver that you are using (or a link where I can download it). I have a similar USB adapter from d-link, but i don't know if it uses the same chipset (atheros, in my case) or another one.

Have a nice day

  If I use the PacketOpenAdapter, I also get a wrong description Name.

  Is the npy.sys can not set(communication) the OID in to NDIS 6.0 driver?

  thanks very much.


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