[Winpcap-users] Using winpcap on a VPN

Gaming Mouse gaming_mouse at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 13 03:20:53 GMT 2007

>> I am using winpcap (via jpcap) to try to sniff packets being sent over a
>> VPN.  I have a simple test program that works fine and captures all
>> traffic when I am using my wireless connection with no VPN.  In this
>> case, I choose the device id corresponding to my wireless card.
>> However, if I run the VPN and choose the device id for the dialup
>> adapter, I get a message saying that the device cannot be opened.
>> How can I make this work?
> I need some more details: which kind of VPN are you using? Which VPN 
> client in particular?
Hi Gianluca, thanks for the reply.

I am simply using the windows VPN, the kind that you create in Network 
connections.  The server that I VPN into is just a Windows 2003 Standard 
Server with RRAS setup on it.  So everything is built-in windows 
stuff... no 3rd party software.

> Can you please file a bug report as explained here:
> http://www.winpcap.org/bugs.htm
I will do this, but I just want to make sure before I do that I am not 
making some simple mistake.  If you could give me any further info I'd 
appreciate.  If you need it, also, I'd be happy to post my test code.  
Please let me know.


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