[Winpcap-users] WinPcap compatibility with other applications

Winans, Don (Mission Systems) Don.Winans at ngc.com
Tue Mar 13 13:56:33 GMT 2007

We're incorporating WinPcap into our communications software.  We're
running on a Windows system with WinPcap 4.0.  We want to use WinPcap to
receive and transmit low level Ethernet frames on a network.  Can you
please answer these questions.

1. Does WinPcap receive and transmit on a network adapter without
interfering with other applications using the same adapter.  

2. We will use WinPcap to both receive and transmit on a single network
adapter.  Do the receive and transmit functions operate together without
conflict?  We do not want to 'lose' any frames.  Are there any special
programming considerations we should be aware of?

Thanks much!

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