[Winpcap-users] Changing WinPCAP Filters on the Fly

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Changing WinPCAP Filters on the Fly
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  I'm looking into using WinPCAP for capturing and recording audio RTP streams. A single session, using a precompiled filter works just fine.

  But in a "real" system, running multiple sessions, packets being captured would change on a regular basis. A stream can be uniquely identified by its source and destination UDP ports and IP addresses. To capture streams for 25 calls, you would need to 'or' together 25 expressions.

  Would compiling an expression or putting it into use break down when the expression got too large? 

It depends on the size of the expression, or better on the generated filter. I know that there are WinPcap based application making use of pretty complex filter strings without any problem (mainly large sets of IP addresses and TCP/UDP ports).
  When changing compiled expressions while capture is going, can packets be lost? 

Yes. All the packets that were captured by the driver but not delivered to user level yet are discarded. This is by design (you want to be sure that the received packets after the change are only packets matching the current filter).

  Capturing everything, and then doing filtering myself is an option, but probably not a good one. 
Depending on the traffic rate, it can be a reasonable choice or not. In general filtering directly in the driver helps a lot when
- you have a very selective filter (i.e. you are accepting a really small subset of the traffic)
- you use a snaplen (i.e. you capture the first n bytes of the packet)
- the traffic rate is pretty high, let's say over 50-100MBps (this depends on a **large** number of factors).

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